Wednesday, April 8, 2015

24 going on 25

In my 24th year, I have slowly come to terms on accepting my talents and my flaws. Sacrifice has been a difficult word to understand as I'm in a constant battle between my needs and my wants; I just want to do everything and I just want it all. Growing up I just didn't feel stable, or rather satisfied, with stability, because growing up I grew to understand what it was to have a lust for life. I never dreamed just one thing, and that might have been a flaw. I might have dreamed another thing, but that might have been to have some sort of common ground through casual conversation. Until this day I can't express what it really is that I want in life, I just want to be comfortable and happy. I just want to travel, indulge in all of the arts I love, enjoy a peace of mind, and simply be myself. This is the life that I want, forever. With acceptance of my talents and my flaws, I no longer regret the should have's, could have's, or would have's. There's only one way to live life - and that's with no regrets.

I've been a hypocrite these past few years, but truth is I just needed some time to feel some type of way again. I've been waiting for the perfect moment just to let it pass by. With that said, I've constantly attempted to blog but I tend to lose focus, consistency and determination as I peruse into other temptations. But I promise this time I won't let my over ambitious mindset get in the way. It'll be practical this time because I've finally found a way for it all to work. My 25th year will the start of something golden, something grand.


  1. I know how difficult it can be to find that "one thing"! It's something I am still trying to find myself. I am very happy to see your posts and I look forward to the things you will bring in the future. You are an amazing talent! I wish you all the best in things to come.

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