Monday, January 12, 2015

New York musings (iPhone edition)

I tried to upload some photos using the Blogger app on my phone, but to my dismay the app's upload features were of bare minimum so this is my second attempt to post photos taken from my iPhone. Sometimes you just can't cheat the system.

I also wanted to give a big thank you to Vincent for taking the time to take me around the city. There's a beauty in being able to see a new place from another's perspective and familiarity, especially from another creative's. I can't for the next travel adventure we'll get to share together. I know for sure that this is just the beginning of all the wonder that is waiting.

Some of the stills are of:
Central Park
Chelsea Market
Grand Central Terminal
Times Square
Washington Heights
George Washington Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New York Musings 2014/2015

There's just something about being away from home that makes me want to travel at a constant, but home will always be home. I don't get to travel as much as I'd like to, so being able to travel is definitely a treat for me.

I love seeing new sights and experiencing a new culture in lifestyle. It was my first time being in the east coast of the United States so it was a definite must in my books. I even got to see snow for the first time although the actual "first" time was a bum trip with "fake" snow that made me think "ohhh... so this is snow?" Luckily a couple of days later I got to experience "real" snow for the real first time where the snow was delicate and soft, so this time around I was more satisfied with the experience could consider it another thing off my bucket list. 

Being in New York entails a lot of walking, regardless if you own a car or not. The city is huge and being that it was the holiday season it was overwhelming with lots of people. With lots to see and do, twelve days in the big apple was ample time for fun and especially relaxation. 

The first few days were a bit chilly. Of course it was the coldest I've experienced anywhere from my travels but it was rather enjoyable, and it only got colder to about ten degrees Fahrenheit — which was "okay" when it wasn't windy. Under layers and layers of clothing and the inability to freely press on the shutter of my digital SLR, I took more photos on my trusty iPhone. So, enjoy some of the stills of sights from my New York musings. 

Central Park, New York

Subway on 59th Street, Manhattan

Staten Island Terminal, Manhattan

A view of the city upon the Staten Island Ferry

A view of the city from High Line Park

High Line Park

Bubby's, Meatpacking District

Kiehl's, Meatpacking District

Under a bridge, Manhattan

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Grand Central Terminal

Somewhere near Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge (first sunrise of 2015)

Top of the Rock — I'll never forget the feeling when I first saw the city scape from above, I literally felt like I was on top of the world. 

A view of the city from New Jersey