Monday, November 3, 2014

Ootd collective: September-November 2014

Just like my prior posting, I'm just posting a new archive of my most recent outfit pictures. 

From black and basic to chic and comfortable, most of my outfits are chosen fresh out of my closet while I'm still half awake waiting for the day to start. Thank goodness for pajama pants that allow for stylish yet workable day wear. Fall's my favorite season and I try to make the best of it in Hawaii. I prefer flats (and boots), but working at a salon calls for wedges which I've grown to be able to stand and walk in them all day long. 

Details of my outfits can be found on my tumblr:

Thank you to my wonderful photographers: Sherilyn, Kathrine & Nina

Calligraphy musings: old & new

I've been meaning to create a regular section for all of my calligraphy musings but it's still in the process. I haven't made the time to religiously practice my calligraphy on a nightly basis... no new news. I'm quickly filling up the capacity on a new and more organized hard drive, so all of my musings are a bit more easier to find and access whenever I please. NTS: purchase 10 terabyte hard drive to last a good few years as the size of everything increases monumentally throughout the years.

Calligraphy is one of my newfound hobbies and passions. It's one of the most time consuming, yet most liberating of all my hobbies, but I have definitely sparked an extreme interest for this art. It's been about a year since I've been practicing and there's still so much to learn. The feeling of the tangible is just something I can't live without. I've been experimenting a lot since I've started: I've been experimenting with all types of paper. It sure does make such a difference to have the right tools for any sort of trade; I've been experimenting with different mediums: brushes, markers, inks, nibs and gouache; and I've been experimenting with different styles all of which are more pressure-based (as opposed to angle-based calligraphy) because each writing instrument produces different results. I have still yet to achieve a style to call mine but for now I'm just getting used to all of my writing instruments while I work on other side projects corresponding to calligraphy on my super long bucket list of which ironically I have yet to write down.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maternity photoshoot: Jhelyn + Robert

Yesterday I had a lovely opportunity to photograph parents to-be, Jhelyn and Robert. Although the weather was a bit gloomy and we had to hide in our cars and wait for rain clouds to pass twice, we made the best of it with about an hour until the sun started to set. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The art of soap making

I spent Sunday morning and afternoon taking a soap making class at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. It was a beginning class where we learned the basics of soap making and safety precautions since the art of soap making, saponification, deals with chemical processes. We also got to take a one pound batch we each made by ourselves (which is currently being cured, then has to sit out for three weeks before I can use my own product). I made an almond milk infused soap, so I can't wait to test it out!

A very interesting fact I learned in class was that we may think we're using soaps to clean our bodies, but we might just be using detergent. Note that if the product you are purchasing does not say "soap" then it's most likely a detergent — which is really just a combination of chemicals and synthetic oils that's cheaper to produce. I.e. beauty car, cleansing bar, etc. ;)

I've developed keen admiration for handmade soaps mostly because I'm often fascinated by the packaging/wrapper used and for my love of aroma therapy. Now that I've learned the basics, I can't wait to experiment a little more with the endless array of combinations to use as recipes, especially exfoliation and scent factors. I'll also get to utilize my graphic design background to experiment with packaging design, but first I must invest in all of the supplies that I need to make soaps — that's always the hardest part.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Afternoon tea w/ Maybelle #maybelleworkshops

Sunday, August 3, 2014: I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a very intimate calligraphy course taught by Maybelle Imasa (website + instagram) at Cookspace Hawaii. Of course this eventful day would not have been made possible without the hardworking hands of Miemiko Co. and Cake Gallery Hawaii

It was a fun-packed three-hour long get together with inspirational people, delicious treats, and a wonderful area to learn and just mingle with like-minded creatives. Cari of Miemiko Co. gave me the chance to take my newly acquired Canon Mark 5d II for the very first time, as well as gave me another push to finally blog again. 

I've always wanted to attend a calligraphy course by Maybelle because she had been one of my inspirations from the very start of my newfound modern-day calligraphy interest. She's even more friendly in person than she is online. What I loved the most about her was that she took the initiative to reply to each and every of her many comments on Instagram to help others as much as she could. I would highly recommend taking her class as she now travels around the world teaching and telling her story. 

More photos are available in the gallery of my smilebox website: